Life of fire holds a fascination - dancing in the middle of the fire and let the fire dance around me to archaic sounds and rhythms.


It roars, whirls, flies and paints fleeting flamepictures into the
darkness - a breathtaking game with flames, a fascinating spectacle.

Firedancing has its origin in the traditions of the Maori (New Zealand).

Choreographie is coordinated with different styles of music.


Born on the celebrationday of the lightbringing woman, Claudia Beiler is consumed by the magic and fascination of fire.
As a firefairy she does countless shows at home and abroad and bewitches her audience with charming and spectacular fireperformances.

Claudia Beiler, resident in Inzing (Innsbruck, Austria) is a qualified
musician in flute and violin (Graduation at the conservatory in Innsbruck).
She is playing the australien Didgeridoo as well.

She is a member of the symphony orchestra Schwaz.

Booking Rider

A show lasts 10 - 20 minutes. Several shows can be given during one evening. The most important condition is darkness. The performance is possible indoor and outdoor (in all weathers) at a stage or at ground level.

stage at least 4 x 4 m, fireproof ground, hight above the stage 3,5 m.

wardrobe possibilities to change clothes

catering vegetarian meal and drinks

accommodation if the distance from Innsbruck is more than 200 km and
accommodation is required, it would be good to arrange it for her.

fee it depends on the kind of event and numbers of shows.
from 350 to 600 Euro

travel coasts trainticket or Pkw - usual mileage allowance.

cancellation after booking confirmation, 50 % of the agreed fee.